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Through a partnership with Pheasants Forever, the K3SWCD is able to provide pollinator seed used to establish conservation pollinator habitat. Pheasants Forever offers "diverse mixes designed by a team of wildlife biologists to meet specific state and federal conservation standards while providing quality habitat for wildlife". Through the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) offered by NRCS, producers receive incentive to plant native seed and establish valuable wildlife habitat on land that is otherwise not productive. To place an order for pollinator seed, stop by or give us a call!


Click here to learn more about NRCS's conservation programs.

CP42 Pollinator Habitat Fact Sheet

The K3SWCD wants to establish valuable pollinator habitat not only in agricultural areas, but all over the county! According to the USDA, pollinators have declined worldwide as a result of habitat loss and other factors. Native bee populations are suffering, and we are currently in a battle to keep the Monarch off the endangered species list. Whether you're a business owner, teacher, or homeowner - you can help make a difference by planting pollinator habitat. The K3SWCD offers ways to establish pollinator habitat, but we want you to plant with a purpose. Through a relationship with the K3SWCD you can learn to establish and maintain vital pollinator habitat, while educating yourself and others about the importance of conservation.