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The Kankakee County SWCD works directly with landowners, producers, local organizations, and the community to promote and facilitate conservation programs, cost-share, outreach, events, and more.

Photo: Honey Bees by Emilie Watkins

Kankakee County SWCD Board and Staff review, update, and approve an Annual Plan of Work each year. The plan outlines District goals and actions to further our mission in Kankakee County.

Mission & Annual Plan of Work

One of 97 Soil and Water Conservation Districts in the state of Illinois, the Kankakee County SWCD was established in 1946. Acting as a "local unit of government", SWCD's provide assistance to the public in conserving and protecting soil, water, and other natural resources.


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Photo: Field Work by Crystal Sauder


Photo: Hawkins Park Tree Planting by Emilie Watkins

Browse newsletters, annual financial reports, outreach reports, transect surveys, and more. 

Annual Reports

Meet our Board and Staff!

The Kankakee County SWCD is governed by a 5-member Board of Directors made up of local farmers, landowners, educators, past agency executives, and businessmen. The District is run by a small but mighty team of 4 employees. 

Board & Staff

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Photo: Field Work by Crystal Sauder

Photo: Field Work by Crystal Sauder


Photo: Pineapple Weed (Wild Chamomile) by Emilie Watkins

View scheduled monthly board meetings, view rules for public comment, and browse through previous meeting agendas & minutes.

Board Meetings & Minutes

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