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The Kankakee County SWCD works directly with landowners, producers, local organizations, and the community to promote and facilitate conservation programs, cost-share, outreach, events, and more.

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In 2022, the Kankakee County SWCD began the Soil on Demand project to provide farmers with local, real-time soil temperature and moisture readings. In 2023 we received funding and support through Compeer Financial's Fund for Rural America to continue and expand the project. 

We are currently building a webpage to provide farmers with real-time soil temperature and moisture readings across the county, so check back in July 2024 for its launch!

Protect Our Pollinators

Kankakee County SWCD is a friend to pollinators! The video above was created with scenes captured in a single afternoon, in an SWCD director's pollinator field. Farmers give back to pollinators by planting habitat in farm fields, providing valuable floral resources for insects, birds, and other wildlife. In this video alone 11 flowering plant species, 14 insect species, and 2 bird species made an appearance (click here to view the species list). 

Why are pollinators important? Click here to scroll through our presentation "The Farmer, the Pollinator, and You".

What can you do to help? Click here for pollinator resources! 

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