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NRI Report

Fillable NRI Application available HERE

Applications will not be processed until all required items have been received by the Kankakee County SWCD. 



Full Report: $400.00 for 0-5 acres and $15.00 for each additional acre or part thereof. (Effective July 1, 2005)
Letter: $200.00 processing fee if staff determines that a full report is not necessary. Additional funds received will be refunded.
Special Use Permits (SUP): NRI reports for special use permits (i.e. wind and solar farms) must be completed for the entire parcel(s), not project areas. (Effective July 1, 2021)

NRI is short for Natural Resource Information Report. NRIs are used to assess the natural resources on a parcel of land where there is a request for a zoning change, variance, or special use permit. The purpose of the report is to provide the applicant, officials of the local governing body, and other decision-makers with natural resource information. This information may be useful when undertaking land use decision concerning variations, amendments or relief of local zoning ordinances, proposed subdivision of vacant or agricultural lands and the subsequent development of these lands.


This report is a requirement under Section 22.02a of the Illinois Soil and Water Conservation District's Act, passed by the Illinois General Assembly in 1937. Section 405/22.02a states:

The Soil and Water Conservation District shall make all natural resource information available to the appropriate county agency or municipality in the promulgation of zoning ordinances or variances.  Any person who petitions any municipality or county agency in the district for variation, amendment, or other relief from municipality’s or county’s zoning ordinance or who proposes to subdivide vacant or agricultural lands therein shall furnish a copy of such petition or proposal to the Soil and Water Conservation District.  The Soil and Water Conservation District shall be given not more than 30 days from time of receipt of the petition or proposal to issue it’s written opinion concerning the petition proposal and submit the same to the appropriate county agency or municipality for further action.

The intent of an NRI is to present the most current natural resource information available in a readily understandable manner. It contains a description of the present site conditions, the present resources, and the potential impacts that the proposed change may have on the site and its resources. Natural resource information is gathered from standardized data, on-site investigations, and information furnished by the petitioner.

The NRI will provide the basis for proper land use change decisions and development while protecting the natural resource base of the county. It should not be used in place of detailed environmental and/or engineering studies that are warranted under most circumstances, but in conjunction with those studies. 

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