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Mission & Plan of Work


Our mission at the Kankakee County SWCD is to provide leadership and coordinate programs focusing technical, financial, and educational assistance to help protect, preserve, and enhance our natural resources.


Water Quality

Soil Health

Land Use

Wildlife & Habitat



Water Quality, Conservation, and Management  |  To have the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of the water resources of Kankakee County meet or exceed standards as outlined in the Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy (NLRS), and to maintain and enhance surface and subsurface drainage systems in an environmentally sound manner to improve agricultural production, improve water quality, and minimize adverse effects on urban and rural areas.

Soil Health and Sustainable Agriculture  |  To monitor and reduce soil erosion and sedimentation to ensure long-term productivity of the soil. To promote sustainable and regenerative practices that improve soil health and advance climate resilience.

Land Use  |  To preserve prime agricultural land and through wise land use and development that is compact and contiguous to existing development. To encourage farmland protection though new and existing programs and collaboration with local government.

Wildlife and Habitat Development  |  Increase and enhance both urban and rural areas of the county established in prairie, wetland, and woodland habitats.

Education and Outreach  |  Showing the public a better way to manage our natural resources through events, hands-on educational programs, and media.

District Operations  |  Identify additional funding sources, including grants and sponsorship, which allow continued operation while fulfilling vision and mission of the SWCD.  Manage SWCD-NRCS operations for greatest efficiency in meeting resource objectives.



Photo: Honey Bees by Emilie Watkins

Annual Plan of Work

Kankakee County SWCD Board and Staff review, update, and approve an Annual Plan of Work each year. The plan outlines District goals and actions to further our mission in Kankakee County.

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