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Resources for educators & naturalists at heart.


Photo: Classroom Learning by Emilie Watkins

Teaching Resources

The Kankakee County SWCD has compiled an extensive list of activities, lesson plans, websites, citizen science programs, and more for K-12 educators. Learn about soil health, water quality, agriculture, native plants, and wildlife. 

Identify native plants and wildlife like a pro! Print off handy PDF field guides from The Field Museum. 

Plant & Wildlife ID

Purple Coneflower Emilie Janes.jpg

Photo: Coneflower by Emilie Watkins

Insect Collection Kit Full.JPG

Photo: Insect Collection Kit by Emilie Watkins

Hungerford Conservation Kits

Each year, the Kankakee County SWCD offers FREE equipment for Kankakee County teachers! Apply in May for a conservation kit focusing on insect collection, plant identification, soil health, water quality, or nature journaling! 

Published in 1963 by a group of local scientists and educators, this resource details the natural history of Kankakee County and offers a glimpse into the flora and fauna 60 years ago!

Natural Resources of
Kankakee County


Photo: Rock Creek by Emilie Watkins

DSCN8172 2.jpg

Photo: Osprey by Emilie Watkins

Kankakee Valley
Audubon Society

The Kankakee Valley Audubon Society (KVAS) offers bird walks each year in the spring and fall. Whether you're an avid birder or curious about our feathered friends, KVAS is for you! 

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