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Kankakee County SWCD 'Harold Hungerford Conservation Kits': Equipment for Educators

Click here for 2020 application guidelines. 

Click here for an application you can fill out online. 

The 2020 Harold Hungerford Conservation Kit Applications are due on Tuesday, June 30, 2020! 

Applications will be reviewed by the Kankakee County SWCD Board in July. Recipients will be announced by

mid-August 2020.


For any questions, email Crystal Sauder, Educational Coordinator, at or call the office at (815) 937-8940 ext. 3


All educators that teach within Kankakee County are eligible to apply to receive one of the following kits of their choice:


Soil Health Kit

Water Quality and Bioindicators Kit

Native Plants and Herbarium Kit

Insect Collection Kit

NEW THIS YEAR: Nature Journaling & Illustration Kit


Click the links above for more information about each equipment bundle! 

Once awarded, equipment becomes the property of the teacher to use for educational purposes.










Applications for all grade levels will be accepted for review. Educators teaching at public schools, private schools, or for homeschool co-ops within Kankakee County are encouraged to apply. Only those who have not been awarded a Conservation Kit in the previous year may apply.


In addition to being awarded a Conservation Kit of their choice, the educator will receive hands-on training and resources to effectively utilize the equipment inside the classroom and out in the field. The District’s Educational Coordinator will work with the educator to create a conservation-related activity that utilizes the equipment and fits within the teacher’s curriculum. The Educational Coordinator will travel to the classroom during the 2020-2021 school year to perform a classroom activity with the students. It is also an option for the educator to “opt outdoors” for an additional hands-on workshop outside of the classroom!


About Harold Hungerford

Harold Hungerford grew up in Momence, along the Kankakee River. He has dedicated his life to teaching the county's youth and their role with stewardship and sustaining natural resources. 

Because of Harold's passion for teaching school kids, and the importance of protecting Kankakee County's natural resources, we dedicated the Conservation Kits after him. We hope the hands-on experiences the school kids are able to experience with the kits will keep his passion going! 

Click here to read more about the natural resources Kankakee County has to offer. The Natural Resources of Kankakee County was written by Harold Hungerford, and a committee of educators and scientists from Kankakee County, in 1963. 


Past Conservation Kit Recipients

Daya Snapp

Je-Neir Elementary School

Daya is the recipient of the Native Plants & Herbarium Kit for her 3rd grade Enrichment classes.        

Heidi Pommier

Kennedy Middle School

Heidi is the recipient of the Insect Collection Kit for her 3rd & 4th grade Science Magnet classes.     

Michael Matthews

Kankakee High School

Michael is the recipient of the Insect Collection Kit for his Zoology, Botany, & Biology classes.

Katherine Webster

Kennedy Middle School

Katherine "Ellie" is the recipient of the Insect Collection Kit for her 4th grade Science Magnet class. 


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