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Below are photos of the native plants available to order. Use the guides above to jump to a specific color or keep scrolling to view them all. 

Click on each photo to learn more about that plant. The names are listed below the image.

Images are from Possibility Place Nursery, Kankakee County SWCD, or Pixabay.

Next Native Plant Sale coming Spring 2022


Orders due: TBD 

Order Pick-up: TBD

Email Crystal Sauder to stay up to date with sale announcements.

Plants are grown by Possibility Place Nursery in Monee, IL


The K3SWCD has a variety of Pollinator Pockets available to pre-order. A Pollinator Pocket is a group of different native flowers that are bundled together for easy planning/planting. Each Pollinator Pocket has 3-4 flower species and bloom periods that last from early spring through fall. These bundles are a great addition to your garden whether you are trying natives for the first time or are an experienced native plant gardener! Pollinator Pockets are sure to bring a vast variety of butterflies, and other pollinators, to your garden!”

Click here to view the 5 Pollinator Pockets available!

Pink flowers

Pink Flowers

Prairie Smoke 1.jpg

Prairie Smoke

Wild Ginger.jpg

Wild Ginger

Monarch and Swamp Milkweed Emilie Janes_

Swamp Milkweed

Red Flowers

Red Flowers

Cardinal flower.JPG

Cardinal Flower

Royal Catchfly 2 (PPN).jpg

Royal Catchfly



Orange Flowers

Orange & Yellow Flowers


Butterfly Weed

marsh marigold.jpg

Marsh Marigold


Eastern Prickly-Pear

Black Eyed Susan_edited.jpg

Black-Eyed Susan

Blue Flowers

Blue & Purple Flowers

lead plant.jpg


prairie blazing star.JPG

Prairie Blazing Star

Woodland phlox.jpg

Blue Woodland Phlox

short's aster.jpg

Short's Aster


Pale Coneflower


Wild Lupine


Jacob's Ladder

blue flag iris.jpg

Blue Flag Iris

bee balm.JPG

Wild Bergamot

sky blue aster.JPG

Sky Blue Aster

White Flowers

White Flowers


Meadow Anemone

Wild Indigo.JPG

White Wild Indigo


Fern & Grasses


Maidenhair Fern

Indian Grass.jpg

Indian Grass


Little Bluestem

northern dropseed.jpg

Northern Dropseed

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